09 January 2007

Men I have loved (6)

#6 in an occasional series - Channing Tatum

The guys I include in my 'Men I Have Loved' list are ones that have been with me for many years (and fantasies).

But every now and then a hottie comes into the radar who manages to get close to the top in an instant.

Mr Channing Tatum is one of these hunks and he goes into the list today.

I saw him in Step Up and the only thing that paralleled his jaw line and rock hard abs was his street dance style.

If you look like that and can dance like that, then I want some of that.

Channing Tatum: Silly name; great big hunk.


Joie de Vivre said...

He is beautiful. What a jawline!

I heart his name, its a combo of stockard channing and tatum o'neal. cant get more early 80s if he tried.

Eileen Dover said...


He is a YUMMY YUMMY screw.

Yes, TWO yummy's. That's only reserved for the yummiest of screws.

I am now considering changing little man's legal name to Channing. Or Tatum. Or Channing Tatum.

And say that I called him that before The Channing Tatum became famous.

Denim Boy said...

Joie: I also spotted that. But he has swapped the first and surnames and put them the other way round. I guess when you look like that, you can do what you like.

Eileen: I reckon he might be worth three yummies.

Yes, change his name and then tell people that the Channing Tatum read your blog and loved the name so much that he took it. And also tell them that he tracked you down and gave you the time of your life.

That's what I'm doing.