10 January 2007

Great minds think alike

So, tomorrow is my last day.

Doormouse knows what it's like to be made to leave from this company, so he has sent me something he thinks I should send round tomorrow.

Whenever people leave this company, they send the obligatory 'great to know you, see you down the pub' email.

Here is what he thinks I really ought to say:

Ladies, Gentlemen and undecided,

For some time now, I have been searching my conscience and wracking my brain, wondering whether I should send this statement to you all. After meeting with various ‘advisors’, and a hands down unanimous decision, here I sit typing the statement I have deliberated painstakingly over.

As you will all no doubt be aware, tomorrow will be my very last day here at The Company, having become the latest in a long line of redundancy victims. Though my job isn’t actually redundant, and someone is waiting in the wings to fill my position, they are calling it ‘redundancy’ but that is no more than a crock of shit. You know it, I know it, they know it.

Although technically I should be in a position to introduce you guys to my new Japanese best friend I Sue-U who works for the firm Gouie Getem and Howe, I have been made to sign a ‘compromise’ agreement, waiving all of my employment rights showing what a bunch of utter charlatans you really are.

But this email isn’t about all that. This is my chance to say a few special words to a few people.

On the whole, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all what a bunch of cunts I think you all are, and how happy I feel knowing that I won’t have to share the same rancid air with you. No more will I have to make awkward small talk in lifts with people who I really couldn’t give a rat’s arse about what you got up to at the weekend.

I’d like to say that I have enjoyed working here, and have built some fantastic relationships with a lot of you, but have never been one to propagate falsehoods. You’re all cunts, and have screwed me big time, and for that I sincerely hope you rot in hell.

Now for those personal messages:

Chip fat John: Thank you for imposing bulimia upon me. Every time I inhaled your aroma of chip fat, smelly feet and general soap dodging-ness I was unable to contain myself, and as a result at least ten times a day, I was powerless to stop myself from regurgitating. May your deep fryer live long, and your greasy hair grow longer.

Office Snide: Thank you for the ugliness that I have had to endure on a daily basis. Never have I known a more jagged tooth cunt who is about as straight as an intestine. You are sleazy, shameless, and apparently a marketer, and I am sure everyone would like to join in a congratulatory bum fuck for you. I’m sure we all look forward to seeing the Publisher’s baby come out with your squinty eyes, your teeth like a shark, and when it’s old enough to walk, the same crab like walk.

Miserable Receptionist: When I first started here, you pretended I did not exist, to the point where you would sit at my desk and eat your lunch, rendering me desk-less for the first 6 months of my employ. You still ignore me and act like I am invisible, but now, you are the man who checks the gangways for ‘hazardous’ objects such as paper clips and elastic bands, and I want to extend a heart felt thanks to you, for putting all of our safety here at the top of your list of priorities. Some would say that any menial task you are given is just a further way to blatantly validate your ridiculously redundant position, therefore keeping your pointless manager Mandy the Honey Monster in a job, but talk is cheap right?

This is generally the point where the person leaving gives you their email address and phone number for you to keep in contact, so here we go.



See you all on the twelfth of never gonna happen.


Denim Boy

(You see, I really am a name not a number)

If I had that redundancy cheque in my hand, I'd send the email now!


Tequilla Mockingbird said...

Send it anyway. fuck 'em. Power to the people.

TM xx

Eileen Dover said...

Oh, to be a fly on the wall if you did send that...

la fille mariƩe said...

Eh... the actual sending is pointless after the joy of creating and reading.

And I'm just not convinced that someone who will suck a cock out of politeness will actually send this email. :)

mitzi said...

Can you not open a new email account (as it will probably be bombarded with replies) and copy everyone’s email into it, wait until you receive your final pay cheque then send it? Go on get it all off your chest!

The Accidental Activist said...

Sometimes it's nicer to just keep that kind of email for yourself, and look at it from time to time to remind yourself of the crap you left behind. Maybe sit on it for a week. Then think about sending it again. And if you still want to, do it.

And I think it's lovely that you give blow-jobs out of politeness. Weirdly compulsive, but nice. Think how much better (if less economically productive) the world would be if we gave blowjobs as freely as we opened doors for each other..

Joie de Vivre said...

Lol! LFM is cracking me up today - I've seen 2-3 funny comments on blogs from her. And Accidental A also covers it pretty well.

I'm pleased you're out of there, im totally fucked off that you signed the damn thingummy, but I SUE and HOWE HARD should be able to prove that to be a duress thing surely, just like the polite bj ... ?

Denim Boy said...

TM: I knew I could count on you to offer constructive advice. Would you have sent it..?

ED: I wanted to do it, but only if I could see the looks on everyone's faces when it arrived in their inbox.

LFM: Hmm, I may agree, babes. The actual sending could end up being something of an anti-climax. Rather like the politeness bj itself. The humour would probably be missed on them anyway.

Mitzi: You want me to get in trouble, don't you? I very nearly sent it yesterday when I was reading it. I would definitely need the cheque in my hand before I pressed the button.

AA: Welcome, Accidental A. Your idea may be best. Keep it just for myself and my friends. Nothing's ever as good as you think it's going to be when you actually do it.

I'm totally on board as far as dishing out blow-jobs to all and sundry. The journey to work would be so much better if you knew you were going to get (or give) a nosh at the end of it.

And I've checked out your blog. May I just say that the boys on there are incredibly pretty. Well done.

Joie: Thanks, hon. I also love LFM's comments. You're right, though. When the shit hits the fan, I'll break down and cry and say that all I wanted to do was give someone head.

Tequilla Mockingbird said...

Would I have done it? Does a chicken have a pecker? Does a gay bear have anonymous sex in the woods?

Actually, no, I wouldn't have cos I'm chicken shit (as we both know) but still, maybe I can live vicariously through you?

I know you are partial to dishing out free blow jobs, so, who will it be today? Chip Fat John or Office? It will be your last chance, so drop trow and take a bow.

Enjoy your day of emancipation.

TM xx