03 March 2007

We're out of the woods

Hooray! At last, time for some good news.

The new job is no longer a nightmare.

As it was Friday yesterday, some people on my team thought it might be a nice idea for us to go to lunch. I didn't really have any money, but as we were only going to Pizza Express, I thought there was no harm in it. At the end of my rather delicious dough balls and Tortellini, they announced that the meal was in fact on the company, and so therefore I didn't actually have to pay. This was the point I decided to order the Chocolate Glory dessert!

After work, we all nipped over the road to the local pub and it was here that I found my kindred spirit. It turns out there is actually someone else in my office with a shred of decency and the best bit is, she too loves a drink.

We had a right good gossip, she told me some sercets about people in the office and she said that the reason she doesn't get on with most people in the company is that she works to live, whereas they live to work.

So now I am happy I made the move.

To celebrate, I popped to Paul's bakery on Old Compton Street and got a quiche Lorraine, a mini croissant, a tarte au chocolat and a frangipane.

Oh, and then I went to Urban Outfitters and got myself a vintage brown leather man bag. Sadly, it wasn't the Mulberry Poynter bag at £575, but was a mere snip at £50.

Am still frantically flat hunting, but there is sod all out there in my price range and areas of choice. I think I may be being too choosy. Doormouse suggested I should broaden my scope and look at places like Greenwich and Bermondsey. I'm not sure I could live south of the river again, but then at least the Powder Monkey could become our local. May even meet some sexy scallies in there!


fwengebola said...

50 fucking notes on a bag?
You are gay.

Joie de Vivre said...

South of the river!!! Are you mad?!
yay the job getting better.

Marmoset said...

Am pleased the job is going well. South of the river.?? *shudder* Look at Shoreditch. Way better. ;)

Denim Boy said...

Fweng: Was there ever any doubt? I should tell you that since this post, I have purchased another two bags, one at £35 and another at £50. You should see them; you'd love them.

Joie: I know, I know, it's crazy. But when no one in Highgate is offering anything in your price range, what are you gonna do?

Marmoset: Hey there! I know, but it all seems quite expensive round there, too. I need something cheap and fabulous. Does that exist?

Fussy Bitch said...

Cheap and fabulous would be me but I don't have a cock, sorry babe ;-)

fwengebola said...

Ugh, 135 quid on manbags. I'd take that money, have an urgent clothesplurge on suits, shirts, pants and jeans at Primark, then spend the remaining £120 on crack and vodka.