17 March 2007

We outgayed ourselves this time

Another week and another trip to the local library to update my blog. I realised that going to the internet cafe and spending money to do it left a rather bitter taste in my mouth, especially as the first six months of my bloglife were on work time and so it was all free. This is why I had so much time to read other people's blogs, to leave 'hilarious' comments on their posts and to reply to comments on mine. When you have to actually pay for your internet usage, you can become a selfish blogger. Well, my library offers free internet and so it has become my new Saturday hang-out. Fun!

I've already had a fair amount of fun this week and I'm surprised I've got enough time for anymore. With my manager away, I was running the show at work and it was super stressful - so much so that I took up daytime smoking again* - and on Thursday, I asked Doormouse if he fancied a 'quick one' after work.

We should've known that a quick one is never a quick one with us and this week was no different. We began our onslaught on Gay London at The Yard with a couple of cheeky ciders. Then Doormouse reminded me that Bar Code, the dreadful cruising bar round the corner, had free internet access until 8pm. I think it's intended for all the Marys to check their Gaydar profiles, but as we are the only homos in the land not on Gaydar (maybe this explains the man drought), we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to have Sambuccas and leave offensive comments on Gil Duldalau's** MySpace page.

By the time the free web access ran out, we were well and truly on our way to pissed-ville and as we had already left our pride at the door by appearing in such a tawdry venue, we thought there would be no harm in a quick trip to The Admiral Duncan. Yes, the place is full of leering old men, and yes, we popped in. We didn't receive a very warm welcome, which may have had something to do with the fact that we were slagging off everyone in there, so we drank up and crossed the road to Comptons. On a normal day, I would rather set my feet on fire than go there, but I was so drunk, I didn't care. Cut to me, sitting by the window and waving at all the boys as they walked past. They even played So Macho by Sinitta and I sang along.

After that, we headed to the new, revamped Ku Bar and had trouble sitting on their seats without falling off. We didn't seem to be welcome there either, so we did what two self-respecting gentlemen of the lavender persuasion should do in that situation. We went down the road to the scummiest cruising bar in town, CXR 79. It's where all the pikey gays hang out. Dirty old men and crusty scallies who need a good wash. Not the decent scallies who wear clean trackies, but the ones who have just collected their giros and can splash out on a can of Red Stripe and 10 Bensons.

Did I fall up the step on the way in, dropping loads of money on the floor? Yes. Did I ask the barman for a kiss? Yes. Did I ask the cloakroom boy for a kiss? Yes. Did I continue popping down to the cloakroom to pester the said boy? Yes. Did he eventually get so tired of seeing me that he started to ignore me? Yes. Did I fall up the stairs and land on the bouncer's feet? Yes. Did Doormouse give an American a blow job in the loo? Yes.

WAIT! What? He actually went down on someone in the toilet at CXR 79 and I don't think he did it out of politeness.

Well, that's me at a defecit, then. It was supposed to be our year of the cock and he has managed to get some, while I have managed to continue embarrassing myself.

As a last resort, I did then throw myself at a scally called Rob, who at the time seemed to be eveything I was looking for, but in the cold light of day was really nothing more than a yob in a tracksuit.

I did take his number and I have sent him a text since. He did reply and it was pleasant enough, but it was a confused combination of lower case and capital letters and, to be honest, I'm just not sure I can have a relationship with someone who says, "nice 2 SEE u, keep IN TOUCH mate."

Getting back to Doormouse's at half three meant I had a dreadful day at work yesterday, but I knew I could count on my new best work friend to make it all OK. I emailed her about my super hang over, and this was her reply:

"Oh, I know how you feel. I'm desperately trying to hide the stench of vodka, but I'm sure they can all smell it. I knew I was drunk last night, but you can imagine my horror when I woke at six thirty this morning face-down on the sofa, still wearing my coat and boots."

Cat, I salute you!

* I was officially a non-smoker, but after a drink, would be happy to ponce as many smokes as people were willing to offer
** Gil Duldalau was Janet Jackson's dancer/choreographer from Velvet Rope to All for You, like as if you need telling


Joie de Vivre said...

I miss your whore-larious comments BIG TIME!!
Sleep at/open a gay bar at the library

fwengebola said...

You're gay???

Tequilla Mockingbird said...

The local library? Not sexy honey, dump yourself, immediately.

I once had a very fulfilling afternoon in a library with an Eatern European Sovlaki vendor.

This Rob person sounds SiNFulLy DeLICIouS.Did you see what I did there? I sincerely hope that he gets back to you and takes you out and wines you and dines you with a couple of tins of Kestral Super, a doner kebab, and some entertainment, provided of course by the fruit machine in you local JD Wetherspoons pub.

You really are living the freaking dream. Won't be long before 'Doormouse' is being given a run for his money.

TM xx

Anon Dirty said...

I love remembering what I got up to while drunk because that embarrased sinking feeling is addictive.

Mitzi said...

Thanks for making me relive a lot of horrifying flashbacks and putting a smile on my face!

DonPato said...

Vodka is the nectar of the gods! love peace and whatever elese you may be in need of.


Darth Gateau said...

79CXR - sinfully perverse.

Still, some chavvy boys, once out of their trackies and Elizabeth Duke finery can make a boy feel like he's livin' on the edge whilst still playing it safe...

The Sinister Spinster said...

haha, you´re funny dear single boy. and no, of course you can´t anyone mixing upper- and lover case letters! DREADFUL!!!



Julia said...

Haaaaaha funniest post I have read on any blog for a while

Rocco said...

I love your blog man!! It's the funniest thing ever!! I am kinda new to London, do you know someone who could be my friend? I would love to make friends here and you are the type of I'm looking for. Stay in touch man xx

Denim Boy said...

JDV: Thanks babes. I miss everything about you. Now that I am up and running with the blogging again, I aim to whore it on your blog as often as possible.

Fweng: Apparently so, although I don't believe it myself.

TM: I tried to dump myself, but I just keep on coming back for more.

AD: Yeah, it is addictive, but also mortifying.

M: Glad I could be of service to you, sweet cheeks.

Donpato: I hear that. Thanks for stopping by.

Darth Gateau: Thanks for commenting. And yes, strip the awful gold jewellery and they can be very tasty indeed. Just so long as they don't rob you blind.

Sinister Spinster: Welcome to you. Grammar is important. As are clean finger nails.

J: Thanks my love. Glad it made you smile.

Rocco: Thanks for the comment and welcome. I am sure there are plenty of potential friends just waiting for you in London town. Just be wary of the toilets in Pacha.