10 March 2007

The kindred spirit is brilliant

It's great when you finally find someone on your wavelength in a job where you thought you were the only one who knew anything about how crap people can be.

As I mentioned previously, I have found a soul mate in my office. I began talking to Cat at the work drinks I went to and this week we have been engaging in email banter.

This is one of the emails she sent me yesterday:

Haha. OK here is the deal. Whoever breaks out of this hell hole first and bags a job at Nat Mags or Conde Nast has to put a word in for the other one!!

In the pub last week Joe was really slagging off consumer magazines and I had to bite my tongue to stop me from screaming out, "I want to work for one! I want the freebies and the long lunches and the fun office atmosphere and the longer deadlines and the celeb parties."

Cat, you are officially my new best friend, call me every five minutes.


Anonymous said...

Dear Denim Boy, loving your blog and glad you have a work pal.........
But - the freebies at CN / NM... only 1% are things you'd want (the rest is absoloute tat and couldn't even be sold on eBay...); long lunches? Breakfasts are the in thing now and mean an even earlier start 'cos you have to be in the office at the normal time anyway; fun atmosphere? Yeah, right. CN is the toughest place to work (you may get longer deadlines than a weekly / daily but do you realy want to put up with withering glances, not eating and incredibly long hours? Even celeb parties turn into work after you've been to one.

la fille mariƩe said...

Cat sounds fabulous. I've always found that to make a job bearable, there has to be at least one kindred spirit on staff. You don't have to see them all the time, but knowing they're there, sharing the occasional rolled eyes at staff meetings... makes the rest much easier.

EmmaK said...

I'm so pleased you've met a soulmate...but like Anonymous says and he sounds like he's in the know...the grass is always greener, and when you swap to another branch of media you usually swap one sort of stress for another.