24 February 2007

The Devil wears Primark

So, it's the weekend, it's the end of week six and I am in my new favourite place: the internet cafe.

My post today is about my new boss, Karen. She is the publisher and MD of the magazine I work for and no one messes with her. She saunters around the office making everyone's lives Hell, because, well, because she can.

I don't know whether she has always been like this, or whether she saw Merryl Streep in the recent film and decided she wanted to be just like that. The major difference though is that instead of being a Glamazon decked out in this season's latest look, she looks just like any other mid-40s woman working in an office. And it makes me laugh that she thinks she's better than anyone else.

She always seems to know when to do her 'walkabout' and catch people doing things they shouldn't be doing. Since I've started, I've been early most mornings, stayed late in the evenings, I rarely have a lunch break and I have even taken some things home to do over the weekends so that I am on target for the following week. And yet last Thursday, I needed to leave the office dead on half five so I could meet Doormouse, and she wanders past just as I was signing off my Mac and the time was barely 5:29.

"That's what I like to see; a man who's so confident in lhis job that he can leave before the end of the day."


I also got caught in a stand-up row between her and the designer this week. She wanted a feature to be two pages, he'd done it as three and rather than speaking to him like a human being, she starts saying that she has 20 years' publishing experience and she owns the company and therefore pays his wages and doesn't he agree that she knows more than he does. Er, no, because you talk out of your arse.

Oh, and she uses words like 'profligate'.

Stupid bitch.


Julia said...

Just realised you are back... hooray !! I am going to open a bottle of wine in celebration of you return ! Hooray ! .. Is it sad that the discovery of your your return has been the highlight of my weekend so far ?! (apart from American Idol) Damn the no money last weekend before pay day..but hooray for Denim Boy !

fwengebola said...

Oh Jesus H fucking Christ on a bike in speedos. What an all-encompassing cunt. I don't think I could ever work somewhere else again. My boss is brilliant. I sometimes have a go at him, and he very rarely pulls rank and threatens me with anything. And I could work harder at my job. (Having said that, I'm normally there first and I don't take lunchbreaks).

I take spiteful bosses quite badly. If I'd been at the receiving end of a sarcastic comment like hers when leaving at a reasonable time like 5.30, especially considering the hours you'd been doing, I'd probably say something nasty like 'Go fuck yourself' and regret it later.

la fille mariƩe said...

I also have no time for useless bosses like her. Someone who feels so poorly about him / herself that he / she has to treat others in that way, has no business being anyone's boss. Does she not understand that very simple concept of getting good work and loyalty from employees by treating them like respected human beings?

Jesus H fucking Christ on a bike in speedos -- I'm going to try to use that at least once at work tomorrow, Fweng.

Joie de Vivre said...

giogefulprofligate coming out of her arse? what a fab new job it truly is!! congrats ... pleased to see you back ... yay!!! missed your cuntiness.

you must get a lappy, that hot guy i told you to check out now blogs FNF (fully nude fridays) oh yes. oh fucking YES. check it out. i know you will love it.

Joie de Vivre said...

oops, think i may have typed the word verif in my prev comment!

i meant 'profligate coming out of her ass'

damn word verifs

Fussy Bitch said...

What else is there to say? Darling, you're surrounded by bitches! *mwah*