15 November 2007

My new husband

Danny Dyer is still my one true love and Philip Olivier will never leave my heart, but move over boys. I am now officially obsessed with Scott Maslen.

I used to love him as Phil Hunter in The Bill, but now he has turned up as Jack Branning in EastEnders and I am hooked.

Just look at him.

There are no words.


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Welcome back. If it weren't for FB, I'd have thought you were dead.

PS - Yes Scott is very dishy. Worthy of obsession :o)

Qenny said...

Those lips do look ever so kissable.

fwengebola said...

If I looked like that for 20 minutes, I'm sure I'd be fighting off the fanny.
What is it with 'tall, dark and handsome' anyway? What's wrong with tallish, pale and unique?


noi said...

The man was sexy