08 November 2007

Done myself over. Again

One phrase I tend to use frequently is: nothing's ever simple.

One I shall start using more often is: I am a bell-end.

Due to the nine hours of daily misery I call a job, I have been on the prowl for more meaningful employment since about three minutes into my current role.

I thought I had found the answer to my prayers – a similar job on a glossy magazine at one of the top three publishing houses. I applied thinking I didn't have a hope in hell and they asked me in for an interview. It was tough and I thought I had no chance of a call-back. They did call me back and I did my best to wow the editor in my second interview. They said they'd get back to me.

They did get back to me, asking for details of my referees. Rather than asking them why they needed them at this early stage, I duly sent over two, including my current editor.

BAM! They call her the next day, while I am sitting right next to her, asking for a reference. She was like, 'Erm, I didn't know he was even looking for another job.'

It turns out, unbeknown to me, their policy is not to make a formal offer until they have two references in their glamorous paws.

Long story short, I have been frantically getting other people to write references, all the while sitting next to my current editor who now knows I am looking for another job. To say that the atmosphere is awkward wouldn't do the situation justice.

Oh, and based on the conversations I had with the new people regarding my faux pas, I think it is safe to assume I won't actually be getting the new job. Something to do with inconsistencies between my reference and what is stated on my CV.

Once again, the only person I have screwed is myself.

I need a drink.


EmmaK said...

I suppose you work in a community where everyone knows each other...my rule of thumb was always to fake it, to get a friend to pretend to be my current boss...that way I always got a stellar reference. You let yourself down by being too honest. Have a large one on me darling.

Qenny said...

Oh, you poor thing! Although the faux pas was theirs, not yours. Surely it's acceptable not to give a reference from your current employer? If your current employer wants to keep you, it's too easy for them to wreck your chances. I'd get in touch with the prospective new employer and suggest that they should take references other than from your current employer more seriously.