29 May 2008

I'm back. Again.

Tut, tut, still not blogging anywhere near as much as I used to. What can I say? Like washing, once you get out of the habit, you find it hard to jump back on board.

Now, I know that I have said before that I would get back into blogging again and then nothing. But this time I really mean it.

There is plenty to report. Not least the fact that I went to the cinema last night to see Sex and the City: The Movie. No plot spoilers here, but bless the poor saps who work at the Odeon in Swiss Cottage – they fashioned a pseudo-themed evening whereby staff made an effort to dress up (I say 'made an effort', but what I mean is, three girls wore Matalan tea dresses) and extra bods were laid on to saunter around the foyer with silver trays boasting After Eight mints and condoms. Bit of a strange combination, but at least you get a nibble and you know you're safe.

There was also a badly organised 'best dressed' award for some sap in hot pants and white fishnets. She was clearly a) friends with the staff members and b) not of this land.

What else has been happening to keep me away from the land of the blog? The new job has been going really well. No more sitting next to strange people who just don't get me, so that's nice. And I'm back to having a view of the river.

Onto the man front. Most of my friends have been dallying in the rather scary world of internet dating, so I thought I would give it a bash. I joined that site where your friends leave a profile for you rather than writing one for yourself. Turns out that the gay online dating community is slim pickings. One or two emails were sent and then I went on a date with a lovely chap called Nigel. He was good on paper, but didn't really deliver in the flesh. We had a brief snog in the rain as the evening drew to a close, but there was no bed hopping. Instead, I popped to the Ghetto and took someone else home instead. Let's just say, he was a very warm and tender lover.

OK, this was a brief 'I'm still alive' post and I hope to be putting more up soon.

Crikey, I remember when I used to add two or more things a day. Those were the days.


Captastro said...

Wow! What a nice surprise to see you back on my reading list. Hope to read more. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy who just jumped out the closet myself(about1.5yrs ago) and feel as lost as you dating-wise. But never fear. Good to see you back on my list again as well.

Denim Boy said...

Captastro and anon: Thanks. It's good to be back, although I'm suspicious that I might still be a bit of a flight risk.