22 May 2007

Fired by the end of the day?

OK, this no-blogging lark is really getting tiresome.

The Mac at home won't allow internet access and as both my flatmates have their own laptops (mainly for Gaydar and Manjam usage), they're in no great rush to fix it.

Up until this very moment I had been too scared to blog while at work, but I have decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

Of course, someone in an ill-fitting pinstripe suit is probably monitoring me as I type and will check this blog out when I'm done and throw me out onto the street. Should that be the case, I would like to point out for the record that the time is 1:50pm and I am on my lunch break.

I have much to mention, including BAFTAs, saunas, meeting and stalking celebrities and various Bank Holiday horror stories, so I aim to get some of them up as soon as possible.

I miss the blogging life.

I miss not having to work at work even more, though.


la fille mariƩe said...


The blogging life misses you too. Thank god I have you in my reader, or I wouldn't have noticed your return, it's been so freakin' long. Don't let the bastards stop you from blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.

About FUCKING TIME, my life has purpose once more! I look forward to reading your goings on, laughing in to my computer screen like some mad cunt.


fwengebola said...

Pah, work, poor excuse. May I respectfully suggest you write your posts at home and email them to yourself. Then, at work and online, you can paste the tinker into your blog during your lunchbreak. Job done.
Oh look, an ad for Big Brother on telly. There goes my summer.

GATC said...

Good to have you back... more lunch breaks please ;)